Explore The Four Seasons Of Finnish Lapland

Our cottages offer great possibilities for various winter activities in the Ruka, Kuusamo area: from skiing or snowboarding at the world-class ski slopes of Ruka Ski Center to husky safaris and motorsports in the private lands of our villas. 

Fun winter adventures:

Spring - The Time Of Sunny Slopes

The skiing season in Ruka lasts typically late till May or early June. The days get incredibly bright as the day gets longer and the sun reflects off the melting snow and ice. During the Spring in the nearby National park of Oulanka the melting snow causes Kiutaköngäs, a violent rapid of Oulanka river, to rumble in an awe-inspiring manner. 

Our recommendations during the spring:

Summer - The Time Of Endless Light

The beautiful, rugged nature and numerous guided activities add up to a successful summer holiday for the whole family. You can pick your favourite among river rafting, guided hikes, traditional Finnish sauna, living the life of a reindeer herder and many other intriguing options.

Sunny summertime activities:

Fall - The Time Of Ruska

The nature of Finnish Lapland starts to bloom in the Fall in an infinite number of colors from the evergreen pines to the yellow and brown tones of the leafed trees. 

Unforgettable adventures during the Fall:

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