In this section of our websites we try to answer the most common questions we receive from you, our dear visitors. 

Arriving at our Villas

Read our guide for details on navigating to the Villas. The local taxi operators will know the route when provided with the address of Valkeisrinteentie 9a/9b

Our Villas are always equipped with linen, bathrobes, flippers, personal hygiene products, and plenty of firewood.

If you want us to stock your Villa with food before your arrival contact us at least 48 hours before your stay!


Reservations to our Villas are done solely via Booking.com to avoid double-bookings, to achieve transparent pricing, and to ease your booking process. 

All additional services are booked by contacting us via our website, Booking.com, or us directly.


All reservations of our Villas are paid according to the policy of Booking.com. 

We will provide you with the available plans for payment for your additional services before your stay at our Villas.

During your stay

We are here for you. Contact us if you need anything at all!

All additional services are booked by contacting us via our website, Booking.com, or via direct contact. 

Heating at the Villas is controlled remotely. In case you wish the heat to be adjusted, contact us.

WARNING: Don’t try to adjust the thermostats by yourself, adjusting them manually will make the system uncontrollable!

If you have trouble with connecting to the wireless network, contact us. Don’t try to restart the system!

There is a guide for the jacuzzi in the sauna department. Contact us if you have guestions!

Before lighting a fire, please remember to open the smoke vents located high up on the chimney!

If the program doesn’t start running, check that the water valve is open located at the near by water tap.


Leave Your Villa in a normal condition. We handle the finishing clean up before the next guest.

1.Turn the dish washer and laundry machine off

2. Check no water taps are running

3.Turn the lights off

All done!

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